Laser Technology

Here at The Laser Hut we use two type of laser technology. Each has its own uses and dedicated work.

Co2 Laser

Generaly used for cutting wood, acrylic, leather, card, paper and MDF. It can also be used to engrave on these materials too. It can’t engrave or cut metal.

The laser is generated in a long glass laser tube at the rear of the machine and is bounced around the machine to the laser head by special mirrors. The frequency of this laser is fixed at 10.6 μm (micrometers).

Fibre Laser

This laser is generally used to engrave on metals but can also be used to engrave on certain plastics and, with care, can be used on leather.

The laser is generated by large banks of laser diodes that are focused in to a single laser source and piped through a glass fibre optic to a galvo head (a set of two off set mirrors that can bounce the laser around the laser bed at extreamly high speed) and then down to the work area.